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Thank you so much for taking the time to inquire about Melinda Gilmore Photography.

Your photos will be memories to cherish and look back on for a lifetime and to spread through your family for years to come!

Newborn Portraits 

Newborns are my favorite subjects to photograph because having the special opportunity to capture that new little person is truly amazing! The little fingers, toes, the new skin, and the little belly button…. all those precious details you don’t want to forget!

It is never too early to book a newborn session. Because of your baby’s birth date is unpredictable, a time frame will be reserved for you. If you are given an induction or a C-Section date, the actual session date can be booked in advanced. If you are letting your baby decide, your due date will be noted and arrangements will be made as soon as the baby arrives.

*We recommend you book during baby’s second trimester, if possible. Limited sessions available as we reserve 2 due dates per week.

 The Perfect Age

Newborns are best when photographed within the first two weeks (if baby was full term). We do however; welcome newborns of any age.  I operate sessions according to each individual newborn. It’s not uncommon for the session to last three hours, allowing for plenty of time for feeding and comforting. While I work, you can relax, knowing your baby is in good hands!

These are the photos you will cherish for a lifetime. I supply all the props for your newborn to wear. I will also capture mom with baby, dad with baby, and siblings as well. All you need to do is make sure the baby has a full belly. I have everything at the studio to keep the infant warm, safe, and comfortable.